PvF Investor Relations has been in business since the year 2000 and is headed by Dr. Alexander Serfas. We provide support to client companies of any size and in any business sector in their financial communications.


Our success is based primarily on two pillars:



The relationship of personal trust grows with continuous close cooperation, competent advice, and reliable support.


Focus on content:
We position our client companies in the capital market on the basis of persuasive content.


Service portfolio

The portfolio of services PvF Investor Relations offers includes the full range of financial communications – from a detailed analysis of the status quo to the development of a client-specific communication strategy and the reliable implementation of the individual measures.




Since the year 2000, PvF has worked for a large number of companies – listed, unlisted, or operating in the debt market. Our client companies include multinational corporations as well as medium-sized enterprises in many different lines of business. We are happy to give you detailed information on your request.



PvF Investor Relations have been publishing press articles and book contributions on general and recent Investor Relations matters since the 1990s. We are members of the German Investor Relations Association (DIRK e.V.) and Dr. Alexander Serfas lecturer in the training program for Certified Investor Relations Officers (CIRO).



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Creditor Relations:

An essential component of raising debt finance.


Secure sources of capital – a story of its own?


Gaining and preserving the unreserved trust of your capital providers is the key to securing finance. Provide transparency because transparency creates trust. An improved risk assessment by your capital providers will translate into lower risk premiums to be borne by your company.


Optimizing communications with your capital providers, thus building the basis for a fair rating assessment:


  • Analyzing your company's strengths and weaknesses
  • Drawing up a list of measures designed to remedy weaknesses
  • Customizing information for target groups
  • Convincing with the communication of qualitative information such as your business strategy
  • Disclosing quantitative information such as the company's assets and financial position
  • Developing and regularly updating core communications tools including a company presentation and a Q&A list